Board of Directors/Chairman

MANAIA HEALTH PHO BOARD: Dr Andrew Miller (Chair), Elizabeth Cassidy-Nelson, Olivia Nutley, Marie Tautari, Geoff Milner, Dr Cathy Hurd, Kim Fuller, Dr Melissa Gilbert, Janine Kaipo

Photo (from left to right): Donovan Clarke (CEO), Dr Melissa Gilbert, Geoff Milner, Dr Andrew Miller, Ken Orr (Board Advisor), Olivia Nutley, Dr Cathy Hurd, Kim Fuller, Marie Tautari, Janine Kaipo (Absent: Elizabeth Cassidy-Nelson)

by Doctor Andrew Miller


“Manaia Health has been through a challenging but exciting year. We saw the departure of our inspirational founding CEO, Chris Farrelly, who will be sorely missed. The Auckland City Mission are lucky to have him and Chris is worthy of such a prestigious role. The appointment of a CEO is the most important decision a board chair has to make and I am very grateful to my supportive board and the professionalism of our recruiting agent to have made it so straightforward and painless to appoint Donovan Clarke as our new CEO. Donovan arrived with all the experience and attributes we were seeking in our new leader and we are excited and relieved to see him arrive. During the hiatus between CEOs I observed with pride and admiration the Manaia senior leadership team at their best. During this time both Mary Carthew and Ngaire Rae stepped up to take the CEO role and did this with aplomb. The senior leadership team are a remarkable group of leaders, and the staff of Manaia are without doubt an amazing group of dedicated and passionate people. Thank you so much for reducing my stress levels during what turned out to be a rather long recruitment process. Despite being without a new CEO for some time during 2015/16 it has been exceptionally busy at the PHO. During the course of the year we have been involved with a collaborative alignment process with Te Tai Tokerau PHO, we have been working on the new enhanced CarePlus programme, Kia Ora Vision, the new nursing model of care, the Neighbourhood Healthcare Homes programme and getting ready to roll out the e-shared care tool, Whānau Tahi. I would like to thank my GP and nursing colleagues who seem to be taking all the upcoming changes in their stride and continue to provide leadership and support to our numerous projects and committees. I would again like to thank my board for continuing to support me as I have come out the tail end of a rough patch with my health. I am pleased to say that I am now back on deck, albeit a bit battered, but really excited about the upcoming year."

Dr Andrew Miller