Child Health

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Every Child Counts is the philosophy held by Manaia Health PHO and the Child Health Team.  The team is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of our children and continue to grow and improve services for Northland tamariki through a number of highly valued programmes such as B4 School Checks, Child Immunisations and Outreach Service, Child Friendly Cities, Oranga Kai and Healthy Homes just to name a few. 

Free GP visits for under 14-year-olds

All enrolled children aged 13 and under won’t be charged a fee for a standard visit with a doctor or nurse, or:

  • an after-hours fee at participating clinics or pharmacies
  • the regular $5 prescription fee

Fees for extended consultations, procedures and extra services, such as certificates or equipment, may still be charged. To be eligible for lower cost visits people must be enrolled. If they are not enrolled, additional fees will apply.

It doesn’t cost anything to enrol, anyone who is not enrolled should talk to general practice reception staff for more information.


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Before School Checks


The B4 School Check is a free comprehensive health and development check for all 4 year olds.  It aims to promote health and wellbeing and identify behavioural, developmental or other health concerns that may affect your child’s ability to learn at school.  Our aim is for tamariki to get the best start at school and receive additional support if needed.  Click here to read more…

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Child Immunisations and Outreach Service


During childhood, our tamariki are exposed to thousands of germs, some of which are potentially harmful to their health. Immunisation is the most effective way to actively protect your child from preventable diseases ranging from whooping cough to meningitis and measles.

For more information about child immunisations and when and where to get them, click here...


Child Friendly Cities


Whangarei has become the first city in New Zealand to register their commitment to becoming a Child and Youth Friendly City – as promoted by the international movement of Child Friendly Cities around the world. This is a long-term project that will shape the philosophy and priorities of the city to ensure that children are front and centre in the way that we do things in Whangarei. Click here to read more...



Oranga Kai Cooking Workshops


Supporting whanau and their support agencies to learn about cooking & gardening on a budget


These six week workshops are developed with participants helping to plan the sessions. Sessions are
based around healthy preparation & cooking techniques and tailored to what participants are
interested in learning about. Participants are then supported to grow their own skills in cooking and gardening by being part of a 'hands on, get in there and have a go' approach.  Click here to read more...






Manawa Ora Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme


The Manawa Ora Healthy Homes Programme is a FREE health and housing initiative that supports whanau/families to create healthier homes that are warmer, dryer and safer.  The project is for tamariki living with rheumatic fever, or at risk of developing rheumatic fever.


Some of the services that the Manawa Ora Healthy Homes Programme can offer include ceiling and floor insulation, heating devices, thermal curtains, draught stoppers, mould kits, beds, blankets and pillows, smoke alarms and fire safety education, just to name a few. Click here to read more...