Neighbourhood Healthcare Homes (NHH)

What is a Neighbourhood Healthcare Home?

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Commencing in 2016, the Neighbourhood Healthcare Homes (NHH) programme became part of the Northland Health Services Plan. It is a partnership between the Northland DHB, Manaia Health PHO and Te Tai Tokerau PHO. The aim of the NHH programme is to ensure general practice services can meet future demands on an already stretched system. Changing how primary care is organised and delivered is essential to manage the increasing workloads, an ageing workforce and population, and financial pressures.

The NHH model of care has shown to improve patient experience; improve population health and reduce the cost of care. This model of care is patient / whanau focused. General practices will be the patient’s healthcare home. This means that wherever possible patient care is located in or closely linked to general practice. The general practices will coordinate the patients care.

The NHH model has been designed on the basis of people’s voices, both patients and workers describing the challenges within the system. Key themes identified were lack of communication and poor coordination between health services. Therefore, development of better connectedness is central to the changes planned.

NHH in Whangarei

General practices in Whangarei that are currently participating in the NHH programme are: Westend Medical, The Doctors Tikipunga, The Doctors Kamo and Bush Rd Medical Centre. Further practices will be supported to take up the model in the next two years.

What will change?
    In Northland, the following components of care within the NHH model have been identified. General practices will be making changes in the following areas:
  • Equity management
  • Call management
  • Doctor phone triage
  • Telephone consultations
  • Patient portals
  • Consumer and community engagement
  • Integration with social and community sector
  • Engagement with the new model of nursing care
  • New model of Care Plus for long term health management
  • Clinical and administrative pre work prior to consultations
  • Extended hours
  • Patient and whanau centric appointments
  • Expanded use of roles and new roles
  • Applying lean principles
  • Quality and safety

Primary and Community Nursing: Whangarei

In 2015, consultation took place between nursing teams and patients. Several challenges within the current system were identified, highlighting the need for change.

Patients key issues
Consistency: health professionals working together so that their care is consistent
Coordination: they want to be able to access care from several services, with everyone involved to understand what is happening with their care
Communication: clear communication that is consistent, accurate and given in a way that they understand
Accessibility: services close to home and be able to access these services at a time suitable to them. They do not want to wait extended periods of time for their care to be delivered
Care-plans: a patient/whanau centred care-plan, which is developed with, and used by, their health team
Holistic care: they want to be treated as a whole person
Financial: they want the new model of nursing not to increase the cost of care
Skilled work-force: they want their nurses to be highly skilled, and to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done

The Nurse Navigator Role

The Nurse Navigator position is a key component of care for the new model of primary care within the context of the NHH. The principles of the new nursing model underpin the functions of the role.

Meaningful connections
The Nurse Navigator will act as a conduit between identified patients in hospital and their NHH general practice to support the transition of care from hospital to home.

Affordable & accessible care ensuring equity
The Nurse Navigator will advocate to ensure that people who need it the most will have access to primary care services following discharge from hospital.

Proactive & preventative care
The Nurse Navigator will identify and oversee triage and referrals at the point of transfer for patients with high clinical / social need to prevent hospital re-admissions by ensuring support systems are in place following discharge.

Contact details

SueArmstrong - April17.jpg
Sue Armstrong
Nurse Navigator, Neighbourhood Healthcare Homes
Mobile: 021 756 199

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