Quality/Professional Development

The Quality Improvement Framework identifies and defines the 4 Pillars of Clinical Governance, the IHI (Institute of Healthcare Improvement, US) Triple Aim framework adopted by the Health Quality and Safety Commission and the Child & Youth Health Compass Questionnaire tool, articulating the application to General Practice within Manaia Health PHO.  The framework has 3 levels and the practice self-assesses the level that it is currently operating at and makes goals that will move the team across a continuum of improvement.

Connecting Tamariki and Whanau Friendly and the Quality Improvement Framework

Tamariki and Whanau Friendly Primary Health Care was originally conceived as a framework that practices could use for review. Rather than have two frameworks both with the aim to support quality improvement it has been decided that the Quality Improvement Framework should be used as the overarching document that has a focus on Tamariki and Whanau Friendly practice.  In the ideas section of the Quality Improvement Framework there are suggestions for taking a tamariki and whanau friendly focus.

Quality Framework for General Pratice.pdf