Services to Improve Access - Kaipara

Services to Improve Access (SIA) is a fund to help people to have easy access to health care. Below is the list of services in Kaipara that are funded by SIA.

Te Kopuru Nurse
SIA funding is provided to continue the Nursing Clinic in the Te Kopuru area of Kaipara. There is a large Māori population in the Te Kopuru area and many are elderly. Transportation is a problem and can be a significant barrier to accessing health care. The community built a Doctor/Nurse room in the local hall to accommodate weekly clinics.

CVD, Blood Pressure & Lipids Clinic
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) has a high mortality rate and SIA funding allows a cardiovascular nurse to provide free CVD checks to the Kaipara enrolled population three days a week to meet the demand of the patients and targets. This allows patients with high risk to be identified and to receive ongoing management.

Smoking Cessation
SIA funding enables a Primary Health Care Assistant to contact patients in an opportunistic approach to discuss smoking advice for the Kaipara community. This assists the Dargaville Medical Centre team to consistently provide smoking advice and support for their enrolled patients.

Te Ha Oranga GP Clinics
This is a joint venture between Te Ha Oranga and Dargaville Medical Centre (DMC). Te Ha Oranga provides three half-day clinics per week that are funded by SIA funding. The clinics are well utilised by Te Ha Oranga clientele who are predominantly Māori and who reside in quintile 5 areas of Kaipara.

Kaumatua/Kuia Wrap-Around Services
SIA funding was provided to continue wrap around services for the Kuia/Kaumatua Group at Te Ha Oranga, enhancing Whānau Ora Contract Service Delivery.

Kaipara Community Health Trust Shuttle
The Health Shuttle is an essential service to the local Kaipara community which provides people with transport to health services including Dargaville Medical Centre, Te Ha Oranga, specialists and health services that are not available locally in the Kaipara district.

365-Day Access to Pharmacy
SIA funding supports the Pharmacy to provide 365-day access to medication for people in the Kaipara district. It ensures the community does not face a financial barrier to accessing pharmacy extended service hours and enables support for the local service.

Pharmacy Script Fund
The Pharmacy Script Fund is a project that has been successfully run for seven years via Orrs Pharmacy Dargaville for the Kaipara community. The aim of the fund is to ensure people are not denied access to medicines because they cannot afford them. Doctors and nurses identify needy individuals who, without funding support, could not access their medication. This cost is claimed by the Pharmacist from the prescription fund.

Ruawai Pharmacy Depot
The Orrs Pharmacy Depot in Ruawai has been serving the health needs of the Ruawai people and surrounding districts for almost seven years now. This service has been a stable mainstay for the Ruawai Community ensuring prescription supplies, medical supplies and support to the Ruawai Medical Centre.