What does the new Service include?

The service is a single point of access for all clinicians and health providers across the Northland Health System.  It will:

  •  Provide a timely, coordinated response that is well networked and resourced to deliver meaningful interventions that enable a patient’s acute needs to be managed in the community;
  •   Provide resources for interventions and treatments that can safely be delivered in a community setting that, without the Service, would otherwise have been delivered in a hospital or secondary care setting;
  • Proactively identify patients and resources and coordinate their early discharge from hospital wards by arranging appropriate support packages to facilitate safe discharge to the community;
  • Work closely with Whangarei ED to triage and treat patients presenting who could safely and appropriately be seen and treated in a primary care setting.
  • Provide a service that maintains a strong focus on serving high deprivation populations (those living in quintile 5), Maori, Pacifica, older people and children.  Ensure equitable access for all populations.
  • Be patient and whanau focused by ensuring packages meet the needs of the patient.