Services to Improve Access

A key priority for implementation of the Primary Health Care Strategy is to reduce barriers for the groups with the greatest need through additional services to improve health and improving access to existing first-contact services. The Strategy also identifies the need for encouraging developments that emphasise multi-disciplinary approaches to services and decision-making, including the co-ordination of services with secondary care, public health and other community-based services.

Services to Improve Access (SIA) funding is available for all Primary Health Organisation (PHO’s) to reduce inequalities among those populations that are known to have the worst health status: Maori, Pacific people and those living in NZDep index 9-10 decile areas. The funding is for new services or improved access and is additional to the main PHO capitation funding for general practice-type care. Funds are allocated according to the number of people from these population groups enrolled in the PHO.

Manaia Health PHO has developed a clear process for the development and implementation of 'Services to Improve Access' funded services ~ this portfolio is managed by the Clinical Manager to whom all queries can be directed. Part of the role of the Clinical Manager is to work with community groups and providers in the development of SIA proposals, to ensure all documentation is completed and submitted appropriately, and, following approval, to work with providers where required in developing the new service. Some of the current SIA funded services are provided directly by staff employed by the PHO, while others are managed by external providers, with the PHO providing a support and monitoring role.

Further information on the following SIA funded services can be accessed from the Clinical Manager.